Sonny Ross

Hi, I'm Sonny Ross, a freelance Illustrator based in the UK. 

Graduating from Birmingham City University in 2014 with a first class degree in Illustration, I went on to work full time as a freelance illustrator working in editorial, conceptual, lifestyle, food and children's books. 

My clients include:

  • The New York Times

  • The Washington Post

  • The Guardian

  • Google

  • Sunday Times Magazine

  • Polygon

  • PlanAdviser

  • The Telegraph

  • Waitrose

  • Tesco

  • The BBC

  • Intercom

  • The Skinny


  • Scoop Mag

  • Guts Mag

  • National Express

  • Oh Comely

  • Intern Magazine

    and many more!

I like to have fun in an image, even with a more serious tone . Bright colours, chunky textures, and a lot of red brick recently. 

I honestly just love drawing for money. 


email: sonnyrossillustration@gmail.com

Phone: 07546925557

instagram: @sonnyrossillustration

Twitter: @sonnyrossdraws