For clients

What is your background?
I have a 1st class degree in Illustration from Birmingham City University. Years as a print specialist. Northern and friendly. 

Are you available for commissions by companies and magazines?
Oh aye, yes. 

Are you available for personal commissions?

Not if I can help it.

Do you work for free?
No, I need to eat just like you do. This is my full time job, don't be that email I make fun of publicly. 

However if you're a charity and I have the time I don't see why not. 

Do you take interns/Can you be my mentor?
No, but if you need advice as an illustrator I often answer student emails about that sort of stuff AT A COST: a pretty drawing of my face. 

Can I discuss my project/portfolio/illustration career with you?
Only if I can. 

Do you teach workshops?
I do!  Get in touch and we can sort something out!

Do you sell prints or products of your work?
Personal work only, yes in the shop section at the top. 

For blogs/related to promotion

Can I use your work and illustrations that is posted online for whatever I want?
No, you can not. All of my creations are protected under the copyright law. This means as the maker I’m the rightful owner of all my work. If you want to share my work somewhere, please contact me first.

Can I share your work on social media?
If you’re not a business or wanting to do so for commercial reasons: go ahead. If it's to promote your brand, you need to ask permission to use it and pay a usage fee. Failure to do so will result in you being dragged for being such a rude dude.( And, because it's theft: actual consequences)  

If you’re a business: get in touch and we’ll talk about it! Please do not post my work without my permission.

Can I write a blog post about your work?
Absolutely!  If you get in touch and ask for permission, I'm always happy to say a few words about a piece, but lifting it wholesale without context or permission sucks for us both.

Please note that if you’re a client, you are always free to contact me.